The benefits listed are the basis of everything we do for you and your dog in our salon. All of what we do every day comes from our adherence to these principals. So you can be assured that by bringing your dog to us to be groomed, you're getting the best of these benefits and will receive what you and your dog deserves.

Choosing the right groomer

It’s important to remember that not all groomers are the same and the service they provide will not always be what you’d expect. It’s so important to you and your dog that who you choose to groom and care for them is doing it to the highest standard.

Having confidence in this person is critical so in this section we’ve highlighted the five most important benefits that a good groomer must provide for you.

1. They should leave you without any doubt that the care and welfare of your dog is their top priority

Any good groomer will be first and foremost a dog lover, where caring for your little buddy is second nature and top of their to-do list. This caring approach should be given at all times while your dog is in their care.

The clipping and bathing process should be stress free and little breaks should be given to your dog during the process. A good groomer will ensure that they are always safe, secure and never left unsupervised and will take care of their basic needs, such as providing them with clean drinking water.

2. They should groom your dog to a high standard and put the needs of your dog and you first

A good groomer should be able to demonstrate the ability to provide a groom and finish on your dog's coat that is of an adequate standard and an appropriate look for your pet.

They should also be able to advise on different options available on style and finish, as other options may sometimes suit your needs better. To do this they must have the ability to correctly determine your needs. A good groomer will never inflict unnecessary pain or stress on your pet just to achieve a certain finish or look.

3. They should have an ability to read and understand the different temperaments and characters of different dogs

As not all dogs are the same they cannot all be approached and handled the same. For example, a shy, backward, slightly fearful dog must be approached and handled a lot differently than a lively, bouncy, friendly dog.

A good groomer will be able to adapt their approach and handling of different dogs to reflect their nature so that all stress or worry is removed from their grooming experience.

4. They should always use the best products and systems to leave your dog looking great but without risking him in any way

A good groomer will never compromise on the quality of the products they use on your dog. There are cheap dog products available everywhere but many can cause severe problems with your dog's health. Therefore you need to be confident that the products being used on your dog have been properly tested and are of the highest standard.

A good groomer will make sure they are always using the best and safest products. Plus, they will never cut corners in grooming your dog just to save money.

5. They should be able to provide you with advice, knowledge and information about other aspects of dog ownership

It is important that you have someone to turn to when you have a problem or need advice on anything to do with your dog and a good groomer can be this person. While it wouldn't be expected that they would be able to have all the answers they should at least be able to point you in the right direction.

A good groomer should also look for and be able to see changes in your pet that may indicate health worries. They should be able to advise you of the direction to take. This can mean so much to you as early detection of ailments in your pet can make all the difference in their recovery.

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