Cheaper is not always better when it comes to pets

In the current climate it's easy to see why people might be tempted by cheap offers for pet products and services. We can completely understand this but we also worry about the quality and safety of these cheaper products for our pets. The thing is if we buy a product or service for ourselves we can immediately see when it's inferior and stop using it. But when it comes to our pets they can't tell us if something we've bought for them is doing them harm or a service that we asked someone to provide for them is causing them stress, pain and even long term damage.

And the really sad thing is that if people don't know what it's doing to their pet they'll probably keep on buying it as they think they're getting a great deal. But how gut wrenching would it be to find out that the thing you thought was a good deal was actually harming your pet! Unfortunately this is becoming a problem in the world of grooming. Some people are taking advantage of the current situation and are grooming dogs on the cheap, and we mean cheap!

But to groom a pet the right way, using the best and safest products and taking the time to provide the necessary care while doing it, there is an obvious cost involved. This cost cannot suddenly be reduced. There is no magical new system or new product that can cut the time and cost out of grooming a dog correctly. There are no fancy techniques available or secret ways to cut a groomer's overheads. Believe me if there were we'd know about it.

Therefore, if a groomer is charging a client less than what it actually costs another 'good' groomer to do the job right then there is only one way they can do this – by cutting corners! And cutting corners is not good for you or your pet. You don't get what you pay for and more importantly your pet doesn't get the care they deserve and the quality of products they need to keep them safe.

We simply worry about the dogs whose owners decide to take this risk thinking that all groomers are the same. Believe us all groomers are not the same especially when it comes to the care and welfare of your pet. Cheap is cheap and you only ever get what you pay for in grooming!

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